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You are not alone; we are taking this journey with you. 

Shift your mindset by Barbara Bouvier

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change

Are you ready for a shift? 

Shift your mindset by Barbara Bouvier

Take the first step to turn your life around

Shift your mindset paperback bt Barbara Bouvier
Shift your mindset by Barbara Bouvier
Shift Your Mindset By Barbara Bouvier
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Don’t let your emotions run you: Master Your Mind

When we feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, it is really easy to lash out in anger. Tempers and feelings of hostility can make a bad day worse – but the opposite can be true too! When we Shift our Mindset from frustration to gratitude, happiness will follow suit.

By accepting what has happened as positive for us instead of something negative that needs fixing, our mindsets shift into positivity which relieves stress.

Your friends and family don’t want to see you fail so they don’t encourage you in many cases as they are scared of seeing you in pain, they show no support as they don’t want to see you suffer from stress and as they don’t identify with you any more their ideas fade into the background, your brain stops listening to them and you stop reading their posts and other posts that don’t support your efforts. There’s no need to deny how you feel at first but try to find the silver lining….in every cloud, there’s always at least one nice thing if you look hard enough! Life happens for us, not to us. Shift your mindset to receive the blessing that is meant for you. 

Shift your mindset by Barbara Bouvier

How to Shift Your Mindset when you are in the midst of a storm?


One of the most challenging times to change your mindset is when you are in a dark place. One technique that has helped many people reach their journey and find peace and blessings is to focus on opportunities. Shifting the mindset is key to turning your life completely around. NO! it will not be easy, but it will be well worth it. 

There is a phrase “change your mindset, change your life.” and in my experience, it is totally possible!

Shift Your Mindset Audiobook By Barbara Bouvier
Shift Your Mindset Audiobook By Barbara Bouvier


Listening to the steps to help shift your mindset rather than watching, can spark a more emotional response. Studies have shown, that people have a more emotional reaction when listening to an audiobook than they do when watching an adaptation. When we listen to an audiobook, our brain has to create more content, such as imagery, to supplant the words. This helps create a greater emotional and physiological engagement than watching the scene on a screen, as measured by both heart rate and electro-dermal activity,” according to conclusions drawn by Dr. Joseph Levin. The science makes intuitive sense ‒ hearing a story read aloud emulates social tendencies and humans are conditioned to communicate with each other auditorily. Listening to Shift Your Mindset will help you to feel, envision, and attract the lifestyle that you desire. 

Let it Flow. Feel The Shift. 

If you've ever struggled with anything in life, you know what it feels like to be stuck. You may have accepted that this is how life works for you - that it can never change. But this isn't true!

A new mindset is the key to unlocking your true purpose, unleashing your potential, and realizing the life you’ve imagined for yourself. So ask yourself, ‘Am I willing to completely reshape my thoughts and beliefs, if it means creating a more fulfilling life?’ If you’re ready to shift your mindset and create the change you want in your life, then let’s get started!

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