Wine a lot!

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I love wine and my favorite reds are Barolo and Syrah, favorite white is reselling, and my favorite Rose is by Rutherford. I follow sorells_wineracks on instagram and it has got to be one of my absolute favorite pages. With all this extra dead space in my house a wine wall would be perfect. A place to display all of my bottles to look pretty and add an elegant aesthetics to the room. My favorite youtube page is Wine Folly. She goes over everything there is to know about wine. I would like to own my own wine label, private label that is. Many have done it and have been researching how to start. That would be a 2021 goal to have and launch my very own wine label. I love trying new wine every weekend only on Friday and Saturday are my wine days. I prefer wines from france & Italy and I found that for me wines from spain is not to my liking. If you have found a great tasting wine from spain do share, I would love to find a really good one. Let me know are your favorites I'm always looking to try something new

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