You are now ready to find a home for your business and don't know where to start. Here is a 6 step process that will help guide you through the complex world of commercial real estate.

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Step #1 The discovery meeting:

We meet with you to comprehend your present business tasks, development projections, and targets including wanted highlights, areas, time awareness's, and expenses.

Step #2 The solutions meeting:

In light of the underlying gathering, we make a market review that coordinates your requirements and join forces with you to limit the inquiry down to the top areas.

Step #3 Time to tour properties:

We actually escort you through the top areas finishing the visit with a post-op interview of the advantages and disadvantages of every property.

Step #4 Submit an LOI:

We make and submit demands for (RFPs) to the landlord/owners of the top areas. Then, at that point, we make and survey with you the arrangement terms outline looking at the space choices, coming full circle with a far-reaching Letter of Intent (LOI) for the top choice.

Step #5 Negotiation:

We affirm the business terms line up with the executed LOI. Then, at that point, we coordinate any required gatherings with legitimate advice for the two players and secure marks on definite lease/contract.

Step #6 Close and follow up:

Indeed, even after the last arrangement is executed and you have moved into your new space, we circle back to you to ensure you are fulfilled and stay accessible to you for any future necessities or prerequisites.

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