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When you look around warehouse facilities, it would be hard to find one without industrial shelves. Industrial shelving is one of the most important storage solutions used in most warehouses. It is the strongest, sturdiest and most space efficient type of storage system used to store small goods.

Placing and picking up goods does not require the use of a forklift or any other vehicle. While small goods may be grouped together, they are shelved individually instead of being shelved in pallets.

What are the benefits of industrial shelving?

Industrial shelves are generally made of metal or wood. Their height varies depending on the number of shelves on them. Most industrial shelves have a solid back on them and are seated on the ground. However, there are also some that are mechanized and are on wheels to make mobility easier. Industrial shelving offers several advantages to any warehouse. Take a look at this list of benefits of industrial shelving.

Industrial shelves are customizable

Compared to other types of storage systems or warehouse shelves, industrial shelving is easy to customize. Customize and accessorize it to meet the demands of your warehouse. Whether you need drawer inserts or dividers, industrial shelves allow the use of accessories to fit your needs.

They are versatile

Industrial shelves come in an extensive array of designs. You can have it at any height and length depending on the items you will store and how you want to make the most of your space.

They are space efficient

The efficient use of space is critical in all warehouse facilities. The good thing about industrial shelving is that it is space efficient. By using industrial shelves, you can have the best use of your available space. You can even implement strategies that will help you use it in a way that increases your bottom line. Industrial shelving allows users to have shelves at different levels so you can have a freehand if you want to store up or sideways.

They are easy to assemble

Industrial shelving is the go-to solution for warehouse facilities that need immediate storage systems. Why? Because they are very easy to assemble. Unlike other shelving that is tedious to assemble, industrial shelves are pretty easy to deal with. You will only have to put rivets together and you’re good to go! It doesn’t take much time to add this type of storage to your facility. It won’t cause any delay and you can go back to business in no time.

They are durable

Industrial shelving is built to last. Warehouse facilities need a storage solution that can withstand the daily wear and tear from order pickers, forklift impacts and extreme temperatures, and industrial shelves are the perfect solution. Industrial shelves are durable because their posts are made of gauged steel that secures the shelf supports. It functions better when reinforced with scratch proof paint. Not only does paint help protect the shelves from potential dents but it is also more aesthetically pleasing.

They are cost-effective

Another great thing about industrial shelving is that it is cost-effective. They are not only durable and long lasting, they are affordable long term solutions for warehouses, too.

They can help increase your productivity

With industrial shelving, warehouse products are easily visible. This makes picking a lot easier and more efficient, thus increasing your overall productivity. Industrial shelves also make it convenient for floor employees to locate specific items. Inventory is also a lot quicker with industrial shelving.

They provide secure item storage

Industrial shelves are ideal for items that are delicate or fragile. This helps warehouse facilities avoid unwanted costs due to breakage.

Keeping a warehouse organized is definitely not an easy thing to do. This is the reason why it is extremely important to invest in proper shelving solutions that can meet the demands of your day to day operations.

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