Downsizing your medical office space?

We know that there are a ton of changes that need to be made due to the pandemic. Some business owner had to relocate, sublease with other tenants, downsize and at worse close down completely never to reopen. This is where you must consult with an expert who can advise you to see how a short-term adjustment can set you up for long term success. Yes, you worked hard to build the perfect office suite but now you are force by an unforeseen storm (covid-19) that came and hit every industry. As hard as it may be, downsizing is better than closing. A storm gives you the chance to think about how you can step back and launch forward even better. If you need to down size here is a medical suite located at 6000 Executive Blvd at 2802 SF for $27 SF for more information call Barbara at 202.812.5413 or email

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