8 Steps to take before signing a commercial lease.

The commercial leasing process might seem complicated, like most activities, when broken down into steps, it can be quite manageable.

Step #1. Run your numbers

Talk to your business advisors to determine what you can afford.

Step #2. Define your needs

Determining what you require in a property will make the search much easier

Step #3. Enlist the help of a commercial specialist

Once you have established what you need it’s time to assemble your team. A commercial broker is your partner in this journey.

Step #4. Focus on your business

Don’t neglect your business. This is the broker's expertise and the broker will do all the leg work.

Step #5. Tour your sites

Your broker will present you with optimal sites for you to tour.

Step #6. Weigh your options

Create a list of the pros and cons of each space and compare

Step #7. Negotiate Your Lease

A good broker will negotiate on your behalf. Your broker knows what should and what shouldn’t be in a lease and can make recommendations.

Step #8. Open for business

After signing on the dotted line, you’re ready to move in unless a build-out is necessary. Once the build is complete, now you are ready for business.

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