2020 Goals

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I am looking forward to 2020, there is so much that I want to focus on. For 2020 I want to focus on things that are very new to me and outside of my comfort zone. I want to break my routine and add more interesting things to my life. This will be the start of my new journey. I want to share one of my 2020 goals with you and that is to learn Chinese. I want to learn Chinese because my daughter is fluent in Chinese and I think that this would be a great bonding experience. I never thought about taking Chinese but I thought it's time for a completely new change. I know that if I stay with it for 1 year and communicate with my daughter regularly in Chinese, I should have no problems with being fluent by 2021. This is just one of many and I look forward to sharing many more with you. My thought for 2020 is to focus on things that will enhance your life over all. LET GO AND LOOK FORWARD!! I would love for you to share one or two of your 2020 goals with me. I would like to see what others are trying that's new as well. Never know I may want to join in your experience. I look forward to hearing your goals as well. #newjourney #newlife #change #letgo #lookforward

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