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Overcome your obstacles By Barbara Bouvier

3 ways to overcome obstacles

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Overcome your obstacles By Barbara Bouvier


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Obstacles direct your actions in the right direction.

When you encounter an obstacle, it's easy to feel frustrated or defeated. But if you look at it from a different perspective, obstacles can actually help you take a step back and focus on what's important: your goals.

When we are faced with an obstacle, we often react by trying to plow through it or blow past it as quickly as possible. This might be okay in some cases, but the problem is that when you do this over and over again, it becomes part of your routine. And when something becomes a routine, it's easy to forget that there's an end goal out there waiting for you—and what better way to get there than by thinking about how much work went into making this thing happen?

So next time an obstacle comes up in your life, don't forget: It's not an accident that it happened! It's there because something needs fixing—and fixing things takes time and effort. So take a deep breath… And remember that everything happens for a reason!

 Obstacles Are The Only Way To Grow

If you want to be tough, you have to deal with obstacles. You can't avoid them, and you can't run from them. If you're going to grow as a person and make yourself into someone who's ready for anything, then you need to face your obstacles head-on.

You've probably heard the phrase "it's better to regret something you have done than something you haven't." That's true—but it works both ways. Regretting something is painful and hard; doing something is not always easy either. So why not fight through the pain instead of just sitting around suffering? Why not make your life better by putting yourself in tough situations? Why not take on challenges that will force you to grow as a person?

You'll get through it all better if you don't try to avoid the things that challenge or frighten you—rather than running away from them, embrace them!

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Listening to the steps to help overcome your obstacles rather than watching, can spark a more emotional response. Studies have shown, that people have a more emotional reaction when listening to an audiobook than they do when watching an adaptation. When we listen to an audiobook, our brain has to create more content, such as imagery, to supplant the words. This helps create a “greater emotional and physiological engagement than watching the scene on a screen, as measured by both heart rate and electro-dermal activity,” according to conclusions drawn by Dr. Joseph Levin. The science makes intuitive sense ‒ hearing a story read aloud emulates social tendencies and humans are conditioned to communicate with each other auditorily. Listening to the steps will help you to feel, envision, and form a faster solution when overcoming obstacles. 

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Once you identify the obstacle, it is important to create action steps that are directly related to the problem at hand. Action steps give you something tangible to do to overcome the obstacle.

Your action steps should not be too lofty, but they should instead be more like mini-goals. Action steps, you may need to reflect on yourself. Certain obstacles will take a large toll on your emotional and mental well-being. Reflect on yourself and pay attention to your emotions.

Many people are tempted to put their emotions aside to overcome the obstacle quickly. Completely ignoring your emotions is just as dangerous as getting swept away by them. Consider your emotions and use them as directions for learning.

Depending on where you stand emotionally, you might want to consult a self-help book or see a therapist to work through the issues. More times than you would think, the real obstacle lies between your ears, not in the real world.

Take the time to reflect upon yourself, your goals, and your desires to come to a firm understanding of where you stand. Get your copy today.

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