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Barbara Bouvier

Commercial Real Estate  Expert

Focus on what's important and build your own empire

 “As a woman and a mother, the most important thing is to be a great role model for my daughter. I want to show her that women can pave their own way. “

Commercial real estate speaks to my soul. What I absolutely love about my career in commercial real estate is you are building your own business and working with a great team of individuals.  In my role as a commercial real estate expert, I help with assisting powerful businessmen and businesswomen with aligning their goals with their vision when it comes to office and industrial investments. I work with medical offices, corporate offices, government offices, industrial warehouses, and flex space. I absolutely love the real estate industry and it was the best career change I have made.

Barbara's Favorite Things

  • Food: Sushi

  • Alcoholic Drink: Bordeaux and shiraz wine

  • Movie: Sicario

  • Theater: The Kennedy center

  • Book: The 10x Rule and The compound effect

  • Meditation: Love sound bowls and OM

  • Musician: Rammstein

  • Dance: flamenco

  •  Color: White

  • Tattoos: None

  • Season: Spring & Summer (I'm an outdoor person)

  • Happy Place: The beach

  • Car: Aston Martin

  • Meetups: With other like-minded women

  • Vacation Spot: France and Italy

  • Dog or Cat: I love Great Danes and Doberman

  • Social Media: All platforms (Let's connect) 

  • Hobby: Reading, learning, developing

  • Best Gift: Anything of Experience

  • Professional Mentor: Grant Cardone & Donald Bren

  • Personal Mentor: My grandmother (RIP) My father (RIP)

  • Cities: NYC, Montreal, London England


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